The Raven Run Transportation Grant

Transportation Grant Application (pdf)



​In an effort to expose more children to the great outdoors and introduce them to the free programs by Lexington Parks & Recreation’s Natural Areas Division, a grant system was set up through the Friends of Raven Run to help alleviate the costs of transporting students to Raven Run.  This grant money has been provided by the many people who enjoy Raven Run and participate in the annual Raven 10K trail run, as well as event sponsors.

Friends of Raven Run

The Friends of Raven Run is an independent not-for-profit (501(c) 3) organization that works in partnership with the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government and The Raven Run Citizen Advisory Board.  The primary goal of the Friends of Raven Run is to offer support for programs and maintenance issues at the sanctuary.


The purpose of the Raven Run Transportation Grant is to provide funding to alleviate the costs associated with transporting students to the nature sanctuary who wish to partake in educational programs.


The goal of the grant is to increase student access to quality hands-on environmental education programs and experiences in nature.

Who May Apply

Any Fayette County school grades K-12 may apply.  Applications for the grant should be posted at least 4 weeks before the trip.  See application form for details.

Program Description

This grant program enables teachers to provide their students with access to hands-on environmental education programs by providing transportation funding.  The grant will cover the cost of bus transportation to and from Raven Run up to $400 per school during the fall or spring season.  All Raven Run programs are presented free of charge.