Frequently Asked Questions


Are Pets Allowed?

 No, we do not allow pets. Pets can cause wildlife to become scared and move away, which can be a temporary or permanent thing. This is not just when your pet is here, but long after due to your pet’s scent remaining after you leave. Pets can carry diseases that transmit to wildlife. Pet waste pollutes water and our trails. While we know most pet owners  are responsible, we need to protect our surrounding natural  environment. We are a nature sanctuary, which means we protect our wildlife, waterways, and local ecosystems.

Is Raven Run Open Year Round?

Yes, with the exception of Thanksgiving and December 24th, 25th, and 26th for Christmas.

Do You Sell Any Food or Drinks?

We do not currently sell anything, however we do have water fountains available outside of the Nature Center.

Are The Trails Paved?

We have one paved trail which is the Freedom Trail. The entrance to the Freedom trail is located off of the visitor parking lot.

How Long Are The Trails?

We have roughly 10 miles of trail at Raven Run. The Red Trail is the main trail off of which most points of interest can be reached. Please stop in at the Nature Center and grab a map before you head out on the trails.