Thank you for considering Raven Run for your Scout project! We are fortunate to have had many Scouts lend their time, work, and ideas to the park. If you’re interested in contacting Raven Run about a Scout project, please review the following information:

1)  Many of our bridges, boardwalks, and other structures were constructed and installed by Scouts. If you’re interested in this type of project, we ask that you have at least 5 weeks to dedicate to planning, designing, procuring building materials, and construction.

2)  If you are working within a shorter deadline (less than 5 weeks), we have smaller-scale projects that can be executed within that time frame. Examples include trail refurbishing, invasive removal, stream cleanouts, repairing structures, etc.

3)  Interested Scouts should gather the following information before applying for a project at Raven Run:

·  Are you under any time deadline?

·  Are you able to organize and lead a minimum of 8 Scouts and 2 adult supervisors (1 adult per every 4 Scouts)?

·  What is the average age of the Scouts that will assist you?

·  Are you able to acquire supplies from local merchants or donations to help you complete your project, or are you looking for a project that will not require this?

·  How many days are you and your crew able to dedicate to the completion of your project?

Raven Run Scout projects are coordinated by Mr. Larry Dusak, a member of our Advisory Board. He can be reached at

If you are interested in projects that are more focused on habitat management, environmental science, site restorations, etc. please contact the park at (859) 272-6105!